StaffingScore Targets the IT Temporary Staffing Industry – Press Release 7/18/2017
The ASHVINS Group, Inc. announces the Beta Test release of a new application, StaffingScore, targeting the Temporary Staffing and Recruiting Industry. StaffingScore is the ONLY application that addresses a void in the Temporary Staffing Industry – a means to measure and document the quality of a contractor’s work performance.
Creating Mobile Healthcare Applications for iOS, Android and Windows from a Single Code Base 4/15/2015
ASHVINS presents approaches, options and drawbacks associated with building mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows from a single codebase. Cross-platform mobile application development requires proven tools to enable the delivery of true native mobile applications that look and feel as end users expect. Using cross-platform development technologies, applications can be developed to support the expanding platforms of interest for the medical device industry in a cost effective and time critical manner.
ASHVINS Ranked #2, SFBJ “Fast Tech Awards” 10/27/2014
The ASHVINS Group has been selected for the South Florida Business Journal listing of “2014 Fast Tech Awards”, ranking #2 based on percent growth of annual revenues.
Internet Based Real-Time Quality Control (QC) for Clinical Laboratories 3/17/2014
The ASHVINS Group completes systems development and verification/validation of an application centered on Quality Control (QC) for Clinical Laboratories. The application provides 'real-time' reporting and analysis of data from Quality Control (QC) tests generated from laboratories performing serology and nucleic acid testing for infectious diseases. The application was developed utilizing web based systems / .NET technologies and ASHVINS’ Quality System for FDA regulated software development.
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